Registration to Spring semester 2020 is now open

We happy to continue our classes and offer a new selection for next spring. Register and pay before December 17th to receive an early bird special, $20 off from any semester-long, regular 14 week class.

We are in the process of finalising more workshops for the spring semester, please check back soon to see our full course schedule.

Click here to read the class or workshop descriptions and here to register.

Artpocalypse at the Makerspace Saturday 9/28

Juneau Art Academy is participating in the Artpocalypse at the Makerspace from 2-5 PM. 

Throw away your color wheel  – A short demonstration of pigments and color mixing

Everything you learned about color mixing in kindergarten is wrong. Red and blue do not always make purple; Red, blue and yellow are not primary colors (in fact, primary colors do not even exist); and color wheels are inaccurate and wrong. In this short 30 minute demonstration I will guide you through properties of pigments, color behavior, and how to mix colors without frustrations. In the end of the session, you will  have an opportunity to try color mixing yourself.

Three 30-40 minute sessions starting 2:15, 3:15 and 4:15. Pay as you can (suggested donation $10). The presentation is aimed for YA and adult audiences. 

Registration is still open

We were recently certified as a vendor for IDEA homeschooling program, and if you are part of the program, our classes count towards the allotment.

There is still time to register. The classes start next Tuesday 9/3!

Open House Saturday 8/24

Juneau Art Academy is joining forces with Juneau Makerspace: we are hosting an open house at Makerspace’s location. Makerspace will do demonstrations of their gadgets, including their 3-printer and laser engraver and talk about their membership benefits. Juneau Art Academy will host a drawing session and quick printmaking activities. Join us to register in person, meet the instructors, and learn more about Juneau Art Academy’s program. Doors are open 1-4 PM at 3915 N Douglas Hwy.