Class descriptions


Teacher: Hosanna Bogert

In this class we will explore the idea of functional sculptures by building basic shapes and through hand building or throwing. This class is aimed at beginners and will introduce the basic concepts of working with clay, from building to firing, from decorating to glazing.


Teacher: Averyl Veliz

This is a foundational class that focuses on drawing what we see. Students will learn to “see” the forms in everyday objects and translate them onto 2D paper. Introductory concepts of light/shadow, perspective, and composition will be implemented.


Teacher: Averyl Veliz

This class expands on foundations learned in Drawing 1 and applies them to drawing what we imagine.  Students will be taught the next level of applying appropriate and correct light/shadow, perspective, and use of composition.


Cost $170 for 7 drawing sessions
Half a session: $110 for 4 drawing sessions

This is a non-guided life drawing session with nude models. Everyone is expected to bring their own supplies, set-up their space and work on their own. The sessions contain both quick drawing exercises and longer poses. For the safety of the models, abiding to the code of conduct is essential to this class, and disruptive behavior is not tolerated.

Every other Wednesday, starting on 9/11, 6-8:30 PM. Please be on time as the doors will lock shortly after the session starts.
Class periods: 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, and 12/4


Teacher: Inari Kylänen

This class will concentrate on basic painting techniques. We will explore paint handling, color mixing, and preparing different surface materials for painting. All paintings will be done from direct observation. Students will use acrylic paints.


Teacher: Inari Kylänen

In this class students explore different painting techniques and develop their own painting style. Students should have completed several paintings before enrolling in this class. We’ll create a series of paintings exploring different execution and composition possibilities.


Teacher: Lauren Louwagie

In this class, preschool age children and their guardians will discover inventive and traditional ways to paint. Using a variety of engaging materials, we will explore both basic and beyond-the-brush techniques to paint on a wide variety of surfaces.

For this class, adult and preschooler must enroll together. Adults must be present at the class and they are expected to engage and participate. Older siblings are welcome to enroll with an adult and preschooler. One adult cannot enroll with more than two children.