Semester-long classes

Welcome to the second semester of Juneau Art Academy classes. The classes are held once a week, January 15th through April 23rd. There will be 14 class periods through the semester. The class fee includes the use of shared supplies.

Fees: Regular fee for the 60 minute classes is $255/ semester.


Cost $170 for 7 drawing sessions
Half a semester: $110 for 4 drawing sessions

This is a non-guided life drawing session with nude models. Everyone is expected to bring their own supplies, set-up their space and work on their own. The sessions contain both quick drawing exercises and longer poses. For the safety of the models, abiding to the code of conduct is essential to this class, and disruptive behavior is not tolerated.

Cost: $255

This class provides an overview of the most common 2-dimensional art making techniques, drawing, painting and printmaking. Most of the art will be based on direct observation and drawing from nature. This class is most suitable for beginning  and intermediate students, but advanced students are welcome to attend.