Class information


The Juneau Art Academy offers a semester-long art education program for the general public, both children and adults. The classes are held once a week and there will be 14 class periods through the semester.


Regular fee for the 60 minute classes is $255/ semester. Unless otherwise stated, the class fee will include the use of shared supplies. Workshop feed depend on the class duration and the subject.

All classes are offered as pay as you can. Please contact us if you need financial aid or reduced tuition fees.


Most classes are capped at 12 students. Please add your name to our wait list if the class is full and you would like to attend in a case of a cancellation.


Most of the classes will require at least 8 enrolled students in order to run. In a case of class cancellations we will refund your tuition payment within 2 business days.

You will receive a full refund up to the second week of classes, and a 50% refund until four weeks into the semester if we can fill your spot from the wait list. If your family encounter any emergencies that will prevent you from completing your classes, we will refund the unused portion of the class fee.


The classes will be held in Juneau MakerSpace, located in North Douglas (3915 N Douglas Hwy). We require that elementary aged students will be dropped off and picked up from the location unless the parent or guardian signs a waiver allowing their children to leave on their own.


All students should feel safe and respected in our facility. We expect all students to behave in a manner that does not interfere with the instructor’s ability to offer meaningful interaction with all of the students. A student might be removed from the class if they are unable to abide by the code of conduct.

All instructors have undergone a background check, and are aware of our conduct policy. We make our best effort to investigate all incidents and strive to create a safe and creative work environment for everyone.